Todd Marks a name most recognize as the “Rock Star Realtor to the Stars,” Hollywood’s number 1 go to guy, and for those of you who have not had the opportunity to meet him in person, you should… TODD MARKS of Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills has been handling celebrity transactions for decades now and is still the leader in this industry, second to none. Our Beverly Hills office alone in just “one year” hit just under $1 billion in luxury sales.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Todd Marks rolling down Rodeo Drive who has always been known about town as the first guy in the business to set the standard rolling around his White Rolls Royce, usually with his driver which has always been his luxury brand as you may have seen for decades at the AMC theaters in Century City on the big screen.

“I have always had an ongoing passion for exotic cars and have been buying them for along long time. Due to the horrible LA traffic and no more exclusivity, I have now taken my passion from exotic cars to yachts. I now entertain my clients on the water where everyone can feel good and make smart decisions together and enjoy themselves. This is a lot more fun and chill for everyone, especially me.”

Todd Marks, known for his White Glove service and incredibly strong negotiating skills, is no stranger to the most unique business situations, big or small. His caring and patient ways always makes his clients feel totally comfortable throughout the entire process. “My job is never done. I am always available long after the transaction is complete, and my clients love it.”

Having earned the reputation of being “The luxury lifestyle connoisseur Realtor, as well as offering an unmatched level of expertise and insight, I will do whatever it takes to make life as easy as physically possible for my clients. I always go way over and above in every way which my loyal clients know and appreciate.”

“Simply said, I am a closer. I make things happen and keep deals together due to my refined skills of buying and selling homes over the last 35 plus years.”

Todd Marks and Team are very pleased that to continue to inspire so many agents across North America, old and new, and constantly showing their peers what is

possible which has made many of them step up their game. “After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery,” jokes Todd.

Todd states, “We are literally global connectors. We are true pros at matching up buyers to sellers, and sellers to buyers. That’s what we do day in and day out. Get on the phone and put people together.”

“I most frequently get asked, what area or areas do I specialize in? I always smile with a little laugh to myself when asked that question. My answer has always been the same my entire career. I specialize in “selling homes.” I sell homes all over the globe. I would not want to ever limit myself to any one area as that would not be best exposure for my clients who hire me all over town. I sell all over the Westside from Beverly Hills to Malibu and the San Fernando Valley from Studio City to Westlake and all the cities in between. We also sell all over Orange County such as Laguna Beach, Newport Beach & The Desert Areas such as Palm Desert, Big Horn Golf Club, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, New York City to name a handful. The list is endless. That is one of the greatest parts of what I do as I get to sell homes all over the world and get to be a part of it all.”

If you are looking for the most well-respected top-notch representation, #1 real- estate agent in the business, there is only “one” choice. There is simply no substitute

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